Social Media and The Beach Bum

Lately I have been talking to photographers about Social Media Marketing.  I think the biggest flaw photographers have when dealing with social media is trying to do too much and not really understanding how it all works.

For me, SEO and Social Media Marketing is something that should be used to build your business or your personal profile, not a combination of both.  And honestly I am talking about being a photographer, not a celebrity and not trying to become famous.  Honestly, I have fewer followers than a lot of people, I don’t tweet as much as others in my industry and I don’t overload the Internet with word vomit just to get my name out there.

Using these tools the right way is actually very easy, but unfortunately there are many out there who tell you that you need to be everywhere and flooding the web with your logo, your brand and your @putyournamehere.  The problem is, people are putting these things in the wrong places!

I was just at a photography convention where everyone was putting their @putyournamehere everywhere saying “follow me” and I didn’t follow any of them nor did I put my name anywhere.  Why would I?  Sure, I have mentored other photographers and I could be getting my name out there to have more people hire me to help them with their business, but I am a photographer first!  I make my living off of being a photographer so I gear my social media towards my potential clients.  Plus, the photographers I work with refer me to other photographers, word gets around.

My point is, people think that followers are followers and therefore are potential clients.  This could not be more wrong!  Just because people know who you are, does not mean they will ever hire you.  And I know there will be several people who disagree with me, and that is fine, honestly I like it when people disagree with me.  I like it because I know my system works and I show up in google and am able to target my audience exactly how I want to.  So go ahead and do it differently, all it really does is help me!

The thing to remember is you have to do what is best for you and your business!  There are several right ways, and the only wrong way is the way that doesn’t work for you!  It is worth putting the time in to actually learning who your client base is, once you know who your clients are, and I mean exactly who your clients are, then you can start targeting them.  Until then, you’re just filling up the web with pointless babble.

Emmy by The Average Jim


3 Comments on “Social Media and The Beach Bum

  1. I agree with you for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to get my name out there to expand my site, but I want quality followers that actually care about what I’m publishing.

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