Just Be Happy!

So many people say in the photography industry that it is about who you are not what you do.  There is a person out there who claims that anyone can do what you do, but you are what makes it different.  I agree in some ways, yes the secret ingredient is you.  But not everyone can do what you do.  You are the one with your vision.  You are the one who sees the world through your eyes.  Nobody else sees things the way you do.

I like the life of a beach bum, I don’t need to make a lot of money so I don’t really try to.  I make what I need to live and enjoy the rest of my time.  But that is my goal, it isn’t a goal for everyone.  Some people want to make lots of money, some want to have lots of time, some just want a regular job with regular pay so they don’t have to think about anything but their own life on their time off.  Everyone is different, everyone has a different goal, there is nothing wrong with that.  It is just one more way of saying that not everyone can do what you do because they have different end goals than you.

Yes, be unique, but be unique with everything, don’t assume that anyone can do what you can and don’t assume they can’t either.  Just embrace what it is you do and do it well.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, and it doesn’t matter if someone else is trying to copy you.  All that matters is if you can answer yes to the following question.  Are you happy doing what you are doing?  If you said yes, keep on repeating the process.  If you said no, then find out what makes you happy and do that, over and over and over!

Happiness is not overrated!  Try it out, you just might like it. 😉

Lucy by The Average Jim


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