Beach Bum Body

Today I started to mildly work out again.  Nothing too crazy!  A few years ago I started doing the P90x workout and it really was not for me.  I just don’t really have the desire to be that in shape.  I probably should have the desire a little more than I do, but I guess this is why I’m starting small this time.

I am doing a 30 day workout challenge, it’s pretty simple so I won’t go into all the details, partially because I don’t want to be embarrassed by how simple it is and I want to stay somewhat motivated!  But I figure if I can’t make it through a 30 day challenge then I might be in trouble!  So far day number one was easy!  Isn’t day one always the easiest?

With all of the time I spend behind the computer and sitting on my ass I really need to do something to get back to being at least a little active.  I blog a lot, I answer a ton of emails every day and it seems like I am on the computer way more than I used to be but I still do the same thing!  I can’t say it is all bad, I get to edit photos that I have taken, talk photography, music and whatever else I want to talk about.

Plus since it is still January I have plenty of time to get my beach body in shape!  Here is a photo of my friend, model and an amazing personal trainer, Sydney.  I’d hire her to train me but she would kick my ass in the gym! 😉

Sydney by The Average Jim


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