Being Flexible

Last week I had a fun shoot with Sarah.  We had been talking about it for a very long time and finally made it happen!  She is a Yoga instructor and unfortunately for me, she is moving to LA.  We finally got to shoot and she is an excellent subject!  But now she will be in another town, and in Southern California, 2 hours may as well be another state! I’m kidding of course, but we did have a great time during our short shoot!

My last post was about me finally working out a little, well I am still doing it!  I have not noticed a difference yet, but I’m sure in about 6 months from now I might notice a little.  Of course I am eating better and working my way more and more into a vegetarian diet, sometimes even vegan!  This is huge for me as I grew up on steak and potatoes!  But I feel so much better, like all the time!

I am not a health freak by any means, I am just doing what I can to feel good as much as humanly possible!  Not just physically but also mentally.  I won’t get all political, but I don’t like factory farming so I try not to buy food which contributes to that.

Now my goals are pretty simple, work out a little more, eat better and maybe try to get at least one more shoot in with Sarah before she moves to LA!

Sarah by The Average Jim



2 Comments on “Being Flexible

  1. Great for you to keep up with working out and eating well. For me, those make me feel better and help deal with stress. And you’ve got a wonderfully flexible instructor there!

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